Honda BF200 HP Outboard


Call for details.

Please call and speak to our Honda Certified Service Department about purchasing a Honda 200 HP outboard motor. We will ensure you are purchasing the proper motor, options and components for your specific boat.


Quotes for installation available upon request.

Honda 200 Outboard Motor image

Honda's BF200 comes equipped with VTEC (Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control) system, giving you explosive mid-range torque. Additional features include:

  • BLAST, for maximum holeshot performance
  • Lean Burn Control, for remarkable fuel efficiency
  • Multi-Port Programmed Fuel Injection, for consistent delivery of fuel/air mix to the engine cylinders
  • 5 Year Non-Declining Warranty


Always wear a personal flotation device while boating and read your owner's manual.


Type 4-Stroke, SOHC, 60° V6, 24 Valve
Displacement 3,583 cc (219 cubic inches)
Bore & Stroke 89 x 96 mm (3.5 x 3.8 in.)
Full Throttle RPM Range 5,000-6,000 RPM
Rated Power 200 HP @ 5,500 RPM
Cooling System Water Cooled
Fuel Delivery Programmed Fuel Injection
Ignition System MicroComputer Programmed
Starting System Electric
Exhaust Through Hub
Lubrication Wet Sump
Trim Range -4° to +16°
Tilt Range 72°


Gear Ratio 2.00:1
Gear Shift F-N-R
Alternator (Electric Start) 90-Amp (1118 watt)
Battery Charging Power 60 Amps (756 watts)
Propeller Optional
Power Tilt NA
Power Trim & Tilt Standard
Gas Assisted Tilt NA
Oil Pressure Alert Standard
Temperature Alert Standard
Rev-Limiter Standard
Speedometer Pickup Standard


Overall Width 660 mm - 26 inches

Transom Height

L Type 508 mm - 20 inches
X Type 635 mm - 25 inches

Dry Weight

L-Type 276 kg/609 lbs
X-Type 282 kg/622 lbs